NCI Account Registration

The Digital Earth Australia analysis environment is currently available for Australian government and academic users eligible for accounts on National Computational Infrastructure (NCI).

You can sign up with your government or academic institutional email address here:

Commercial entities wanting to participate in project partnerships or training with DEA should contact

NCI can also provision compute and storage resources to commercial entities under contract for those looking to leverage DEA resources. It is suggested that commercial entities contact DEA in the first instance through to help determine requirements.

Virtual Desktop Analysis

The easiest way to use Digital Earth Australia is to connect to a remote desktop at NCI, called VDI. (It is also possible to run on NCI’s gadi HPC cluster, but is recommended that you prototype on VDI first.)

Your NCI account will need to be a member of a VDI project. You can view your project memberships at If you do not already have access to a VDI project, you can request to join the wd8 project. Once approved, you will be a member of the project and able to access DEA through the VDI.

Data Access


Important Change, March 2019

You now need to request membership of projects containing data you wish to access. Do this by using the same process as joining a VDI Project as described above.

NCI Data Access Groups




Analysis Ready Surface Reflectance Data from Landsat satellites.


GA Landsat Analysis Ready Data (Collection 3) is a foundation product enabling delivery of Digital Earth Australia.


Sentinel-2 Analysis Ready Data


Derivative EO data. WOfS, Fractional Cover, NIDEM, statistical summaries.


Copernicus Hub data. Sentinel 1-3


IMOS and TERN-AusCover Satellite Products (MODIS)


Bureau of Meteorology. Rainfall grids, Himawari 8, etc.


Geophysics reference data

High Performance Computing

The DEA environment can also be accessed within the High Performance Computing (HPC) environment (i.e. Gadi). This will require compute and storage quota allocations to be made via NCI’s Allocation Scheme processes, on a per-project basis. This does not need to be specific to DEA – all users with computing capabilities on Gadi are able to access DEA through the HPC system.

This guide focuses on accessing and exploring DEA via the VDI environment.