Amazon Web Services

Digital Earth Australia store a range of data products on Amazon Web Service’s S3 with free public access. In addition to data, there are a number of services including an interactive code environment using Jupyter, a metadata explorer and web services available. This page provides basic technical documentation for the DEA data and services on AWS.

Data and services listing


We provide a number of notifications for newly produced data that lands on AWS.

  • DEA New Data: arn:aws:sns:ap-southeast-2:538673716275:DEANewData

    • This is a bucket notifications that is triggered by every object that lands in the dea-public-data bucket

  • dea-public-data-landsat-3: arn:aws:sns:ap-southeast-2:538673716275:dea-public-data-landsat-3

    • This is a notification that is triggered for each new DEA Surface Reflectance scene

  • dea-public-data-landsat-3-fc: arn:aws:sns:ap-southeast-2:538673716275:dea-public-data-landsat-3-fc

    • This is a notification for each DEA Fractional Cover scene produced

  • dea-public-data-landsat-3-wo: arn:aws:sns:ap-southeast-2:538673716275:dea-public-data-landsat-3-wo

    • This is a notification for each DEA Water Observations scene produced

All the the scene level notifications include a STAC 1.0.0-beta.2 JSON document and have message attributes including the following:

  • action: added or archived, whether the scene was created or deleted

  • product: the Open Data Cube product name for the scene

  • datetime: the datetime stamp for the scene, this is the capture time of the scene

  • maturity: the maturity level of the dataset, either “nrt”, “interim” or “final”

  • bbox.ll_lon, bbox.ll_lat, bbox.ur_lon, bbox.ur_lat: the lower left or upper right longitude or latitude of the scene

For Surface Reflectance products, the following additional attributes are included:

  • cloud_cover: percentage cloud cover, a number between 0 and 100

  • gqa_iterative_mean_xy: a measure of the scenes geometric accuracy in pixels