Amazon Web Services

Digital Earth Australia store a range of data products on Amazon Web Service’s S3 with free public access. In addition to data, there are a number of services including an interactive code environment using Jupyter, a metadata explorer and web services available. This page provides basic technical documentation for the DEA data and services on AWS.

Data and services listing

S3 details

DEA’s public data bucket is named dea-public-data and the ARN for it is arn:aws:s3:::dea-public-data. There is an inventory bucket available named dea-public-data-inventory with the ARN arn:aws:s3:::dea-public-data-inventory.

The S3 data is in AWS region ap-southeast-2. Programmatic access requires the environment variable AWS_NO_SIGN_REQUEST=Yes.

Key products that are available on S3 include the following:


We provide a number of notifications for newly produced data that lands on AWS.

  • DEA New Data: arn:aws:sns:ap-southeast-2:538673716275:DEANewData

    • This is a bucket notifications that is triggered by every object that lands in the dea-public-data bucket

  • dea-public-data-landsat-3: arn:aws:sns:ap-southeast-2:538673716275:dea-public-data-landsat-3

    • This is a notification that is triggered for each new DEA Surface Reflectance scene

  • dea-public-data-landsat-3-fc: arn:aws:sns:ap-southeast-2:538673716275:dea-public-data-landsat-3-fc

    • This is a notification for each DEA Fractional Cover scene produced

  • dea-public-data-landsat-3-wo: arn:aws:sns:ap-southeast-2:538673716275:dea-public-data-landsat-3-wo

    • This is a notification for each DEA Water Observations scene produced

All the the scene level notifications include a STAC 1.0.0-beta.2 JSON document and have message attributes including the following:

  • action: added or archived, whether the scene was created or deleted

  • product: the Open Data Cube product name for the scene

  • datetime: the datetime stamp for the scene, this is the capture time of the scene

  • maturity: the maturity level of the dataset, either “nrt”, “interim” or “final”

  • bbox.ll_lon, bbox.ll_lat, bbox.ur_lon, bbox.ur_lat: the lower left or upper right longitude or latitude of the scene

For Surface Reflectance products, the following additional attributes are included:

  • cloud_cover: percentage cloud cover, a number between 0 and 100

  • gqa_iterative_mean_xy: a measure of the scenes geometric accuracy in pixels