Exporting data to NetCDF files

  • Compatability: Notebook currently compatible with both the NCI and DEA Sandbox environments

  • Products used: ls8_nbart_geomedian_annual


NetCDF is a file format for storing multidimensional scientific data. This file format supports datasets containing multiple observation dates, as well as multiple bands. It is a native format for storing the xarray datasets that are produced by Open Data Cube, i.e. by dc.load commands.

NetCDF files should follow Climate and Forecast (CF) metadata conventions for the description of Earth sciences data. By providing metadata such as geospatial coordinates and sensor information in the same file as the data, CF conventions allow NetCDF files to be “self-describing”. This makes CF-compliant NetCDFs a useful way to save multidimensional data loaded from Digital Earth Australia, as the data can later be loaded with all the information required for further analysis.

The xarray library which underlies the Open Data Cube (and hence Digital Earth Australia) was specifically designed for re