Other Modules

To use these modules, you will need the public modules available:

module use /g/data/v10/public/modules/modulefiles


Pycharm (Community Edition) is a free The easiest way to run Pycharm is to copy the launcher on to your desktop.

You can do this by running:

cp /g/data/v10/public/modules/pycharm/PyCharm.desktop ~/Desktop/

If you have a license for Pycharm Professional Edition, you can use your JetBrains Account with the version at:

cp /g/data/v10/public/modules/pycharm-pro/PyCharmPro.desktop ~/Desktop/

To set up your virtual environment, in PyCharm:

  • File -> Settings… -> Project/Project Interpreter

  • Click the cog icon and select “Add Local…” -> Conda Environment

  • In Existing Environment -> Interpreter, enter the path to the python executable, eg /g/data/v10/public/modules/dea-env/20180405/bin/python


Administrators can upgrade the version by downloading the latest tarball from the jetbrains website to the folder /g/data/v10/public/modules/pycharm/

NC Tools

The Java NetCDF ToolsUI can be run by calling:

module load nctools

More information can be found at https://www.unidata.ucar.edu/downloads/netcdf/netcdf-java-4/index.jsp