DEA Modules

Build Status


These scripts are all about our deployment of code onto the NCI.

We are going to have have three modules, with date-based version numbers:

  1. A Python Environment module

    • Contains third party dependencies of all of the GA code, installed via a conda environment.

  2. A DEA module, which depends on the environment module and contains:

  3. An LPGS module, which depends on a DEA module, and contains:

User instructions

module load dea
datacube system check

This will load the latest version of dea/<build_date> module.

It will also load dea-env/<build_date> which contains all of the software dependencies for using DEA.


Loading these module might conflict with other python modules you have loaded.

The dea-env module will prevent conflicts with locally installed python packages by changing PYTHONUSERBASE for each release;

pip install --user <package_name>

will store packages under ~/.digitalearthau.

It includes a config file, which it specifies by setting the DATACUBE_CONFIG_PATH environment variable.

Maintainer Instructions

Only run these scripts from Raijin. We’ve seen filesystem sync issues when run from VDI.

module load python3/3.6.2
pip3 install --user yaml

Building a new Environment Module

./ dea-env/modulespec.yaml

This will build a new environment module for today.

The module version number is the current date in format YYYYMMDD, as it is a snapshot of all of our pip/conda dependencies on that date.

Building a new DEA Module

A DEA module will specify one exact environment module.

./ [<environment_module>]

Updating the Default Version

Once a module has been tested and approved, it can be made the default.

Edit the .version file in the modulefiles directory.

Eg. For dea this is: /g/data/v10/public/modules/modulefiles/dea/.version

Archiving an old module