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Last update: 4th October 2018

Sentinel 2 Near Real Time (Stable)

├── L2/
│   ├── sentinel-2-nrt/

A rolling archive of 90 days of Sentinel 2 NBAR Surface Reflectance.

This data is based off the Sinergise PDS data which is available in JP2000, which is why the product definition includes data for both.


We only recently increased the NRT archive from 30 days to 90 days. As such, it is still growing to include a full 90 days.

Mangrove Cover (Stable)

├── mangrove_cover/

The mangrove canopy cover product provides valuable information about the extent and canopy density of mangroves for each year between 1987 and 2016 for the entire Australian coastline. The canopy cover classes are 20-50% (pale green), 50-80% (mid green), 80-100% (dark green). The product consists of a sequence (one per year) of 25 meter resolution maps that are generated by analysing the Landsat fractional cover ( developed by the Joint Remote Sensing Research Program and the Global Mangrove Watch layers ( developed by the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency.

Barest Earth (Alpha)

├── bare-earth/

Total summary (1988 - present) with an algorithm that selecting the barest earth pixel.


Metadata has x and y instead of latitude and longitude, it is currently being re-generated

Fractional Cover (Alpha)

├── fractional-cover/

Fractional Cover (FC) is one of two vegetation-related products currently offered by Digital Earth Australia, the other being the Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) product. FC provides information about the the proportions of green vegetation, non-green vegetation (including deciduous trees during autumn, dry grass, etc.), and bare soils for every 25m x 25m ground footprint across the whole Australian continent. This information is available for every cloud free satellite observation over Australia from 1987 till now. FC can potentially provide insights into the interplay and changes in areas of dry vegetation and/or bare soil as well as allowing the mapping of green vegetation extent.


Some data is missing due to problems uploading

Other Data





These are short term projects that will be migrated to another bucket soon.