Bulk download products from Amazon S3

Last updated: 28th November 2018

Secure File Transfer Protocol

SFTP is a method of securely bulk downloading files from a remote server. We have recently enabled this capability on our Amazon S3 products https://data.dea.ga.gov.au

Creating SSH Keys (Windows)

The secure part of secure File Transfer Protocol requires SSH Keys. This is used to validate your identity and encrypt information in transit.

To create SSH Keys on windows you will need to use the PuttyGen application which comes with the Putty package. You can download the Putty package from the maintainers website

You can then follow These instructions to generate a new key pair with PuttyGen (Don’t configure a password when generating the key)

You will need to send us the Public key for pasting into OpenSSH authorized_keys files.

Creating SSH Keys (Mac OSX)

Open the Terminal app and type ssh-keygen -P "" -f ~/.ssh/transfer-key This will generate new SSH Keys. To copy the public key type cat ~/.ssh/transfer-key.pub | pbcopy

You can now paste this in the request an account email template.

Request an account

To request an account you will need to email earth.observation@ga.gov.au please provide the following information.


Can you please ask the Cloud team to create an account for me on sftp.dea.ga.gov.au
My details are as follows:

public key:


We aim to make this process self-service in the future

Connecting to the sftp server

Our SFTP supports the following clients:

  • WinSCP – A Windows-only graphical client.

  • Cyberduck – A Linux, Macintosh, and Microsoft Windows graphical client.

  • FileZilla – A Linux, Macintosh, and Windows graphical client.

  • OpenSSH – A Macintosh and Linux command line utility.

You can connect to our server using the url sftp.dea.ga.gov.au and port 22.

Instructions for configuring each client are available here: