Thanks to the Geoscience Australia Landsat Collection Upgrade (video), our data catalogue now includes Collection 3 data for DEA Surface Reflectance, also available through OWS. Other Collection 3 products will soon follow, including DEA Water Observations (WOfS), and DEA Fractional Cover.

DEA Notebooks and the User Guide have been updated with Collection 3 code examples to reflect the upgrade, and our Content Management Interface and DEA Maps platforms are also being updated.

Users of Collection 2 are encouraged to use Collection 3 data. A staged decommissioning of Collection 2 is underway and will continue into 2022. Questions can be raised to


Added a new guide to accessing DEA data via Amazon Web Services.


The DEA Notebooks repository and the DEA user guide received a major update which includes a simplified directory structure and set of improved and easier to use Jupyter notebooks.

These updated notebooks include a new Beginner’s Guide aimed at introducing users to DEA and the Open Data Cube. To view these new notebooks, navigate to the Beginner’s Guide section of the User Guide.


Users are now required to join all projects containing data they wish to use. Before this change all the DEA data was public to NCI users without any further steps.

See Data Access for more details.


  • Rename module to dea. Most people should now run:

    module use /g/data/v10/public/modules
    module load dea
  • Include JupyterLab as an alternative to Jupyter Notebooks. To use, from a shell run:

  • Include pre-release version 1.6 of Open Data Cube

  • Drop support for Python 2